Enrique Tomás exposes the gastronomic luxury with the launch of the
200 best units of jamón in the world, under the identity of Glamurós. A gastronómic masterpiece, where the best jamón 100% Ibérico de Bellota have been selected by the greatest specialists in the world, among more than one million pieces that have been drawn this season in El Valle de los Pedroches.


Authentic masterpieces of the Spanish national gastronomy

In the wonderful meadows of the Valle de los Pedroches, these jamón has been gifted with a captivating, intense, aromatic and long-lasting flavour that offers a unique experience for the palate of its taster, leaving an enduring trail, in time and above all in memory. Nothing has been left to chance to get a unique delicacy, which only seeks to provide an unparalleled pleasure in each of its slices.

Quality at its maximum expression

For seven years, all the aspects that take part on the elaboration of this piece have been taken care of: The selection of the best 100% pure Iberian pigs, the attention to the food, the growth in freedom in the wonderful meadows of El Valle de los Pedroches, the tasty acorns, fruit of century-old oaks and a handmade care during the 4 years of slow and quiet curation.

Selecting the Excellence

These 200 pieces of art have been selected by the greatest specialists that exist in the world of jamón, as the best pieces of the more than one million elaborated this season in El Valle de los Pedroches. Tomás Diaz, recognized expert in the world of jamón, shopping broker and person of confidence of Enrique Tomás began the selection of these 200 pieces 7 years ago in a joint venture with COVAP. This selection has been made through the tracking of the best 100% pure Iberian pigs, and evaluating year after year their evolution, looking for perfection until identifying these 200 pieces as the expression of excellence.

COVAP y Enrique Tomás se unen en la selección de las mejores piezas de Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico, encontrando la excelencia.